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Mystic Tea

Lavender Moon Brew Tea in Black Glass Jar Cork Top Loose Leaf Sustainable Spell Intentional Lavender Earl Grey

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Set your intentions for the magic of courage, strength, peace, protection and luck with this masterfully blended loose leaf lavender earl grey style tea blend!  The luxury grade black tea leaves combined with lavender buds and bergamot fruit oil taste sublime and exude a soft floral aroma.


TEA: Courage, Strength

LAVENDER: Healing, Sleep, Peace, Chastity, Love, Longevity of Life, Tranquility, Happiness

BERGAMOT: Money, Prosperity, Sleep, Protection, Luck, Wealth, Magic

FUN TEA MEDITATION INCANTATION:  “Power of the Tea, impart to me, the mysteries, the magic and the chemistry, of these fruits and florals, leaves, herbs and spices, as I enjoy the brew and it’s simple niceness”


Black Tea, Lavender Buds, Blue Cornflower Petals, Essential Oil of the Bergamot Fruit

Caffeine? Black tea leaves are naturally caffeinated. It grows out of the ground that way!

MYSTIC TEA – Our tea is the key to a better you! Our teas are all:

Handmade with Love, Handmade in the USA, Non-GMO, Sustainably Sourced, Fair Trade Compliant and Gluten Free.  Made with positive intentions in our safe, commercially certified food manufacturing kitchen.  We blend with many organics and offer sustainable packaging options.