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Rose Petal Planet Organic Infusion Tea

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Indulge in the delicate floral notes of our Rose Petal Planet Infusion. This loose leaf herbal tea is certified organic, ensuring a pure and natural experience. Sip on the scientifically proven benefits of rose petals, promoting relaxation and overall wellness. Unwind and rejuvenate with every cup.

Rose Petal Planet Infusion Organic Tea No Caffeine Loose Leaf Herbal in Perfume Jar Sustainable Spell Intentional
Set your intentions for love, friendship, lust and healing with these gorgeous organic rose petals. Brewed rose petals have long been a favorite luxury beverage of middle eastern women to share with their friends and loved ones. Rose petals are high in vitamin C and when brewed as a tea the resulting tea is a light pink with rose aroma and mild citrus taste. Wonderful with a dab of honey. Packaged in a large, gorgeous, all glass perfume jar with glass stopper. Sustainable and worthy of a spot on your bar, tea cart or even your bedroom vanity.
ROSES: Increased psychic power, love, lust and healing. Helps to strengthen close friendships.

FUN FRIENDSHIP CHANT: “Kindness grows inside your heart, All our differences fall apart, Sweetness shining like the sun. Send good to all and harm no one”.

INGREDIENTS: Pure organic culinary grade rose petals.
Caffeine? No!
MYSTIC TEA – Our tea is the key to a better you! Our teas are all:
Handmade with Love, Handmade in the USA, Non-GMO, Sustainably Sourced, Fair Trade Compliant and Gluten Free. Made with positive intentions in our safe, commercially certified food manufacturing kitchen. We blend with many organics and offer sustainable packaging options.